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Frequently Asked Questions

Reportmarkets is one of the new emerging companies.You get clarified for your doubts by below questions and answers!

A.  Free reports are the research publications from trusted public sources including trade/industry associations, organizations, statistical agencies, governments on various market movements, facts, policies, issues e.t.c. Our industry experts, at update the free research on a daily basis to provide you the latest and useful reports on industry/market of your focus. Reportmarkets’ main motive is to give broader access on available research to its clients and safeguarding their budgets.

Paid Reports are the more focused and in depth research work from industry experts. These reports from our valuable publishing partners will cater your end to end needs with sophisticated research methodology to provide in depth analysis and forecasts on industry/market of your focus. also provides option to customize your research requirement, if you don’t find a report of your interest in both free and paid reports.

You can also click on “Download Brochure” tab in the home page to download a .ppt containing entire information on our products, services and subscriptions details.

A. When you have found a product that you are interested in, there is an option on the right hand side to "Email Us". If you have any queries regarding content of this product you can contact our Customer Service Dept. by filling in this form with relevant details and sending your inquiry. A member of our Customer Service Dept. will respond to you via email from when a reply to your inquiry has been prepared.ds

A. Sample availability varies from product to product. Please let us know by clicking on link “Request Sample” and you will receive a sample through email from

A. Our Customer Service Department aim to respond to all queries sent through to us within 1 business day. If you do not receive our reply then most likely it is being blocked by a Spam filter or similar on your email program. To ensure that the email we send you ends up in your inbox, and isn’t mistakenly sent to your Spam/Junk folder, please whitelist our email domains, which are

Also, if you find email from in your spam or junk folder, please take that opportunity to tell your mail program that it is not spam by hitting the "not spam", "not junk".

A. If you register with ReportMarkets you will be able to avail our free "New Arrivals" Notification Service and also have access to our free research for 15 days. The "New Arrivals" service allows you to be the first to know about new products in your market. Upon registration you are provided with an account which will enable you to place orders online. Our daily growing free research content enables you to save budget and facilitates broader view on your focus markets with insights from top and trusted public sources.

A. It’s easy to Register/Signup with ReportMarkets. Visit our Signup page and simply enter your details.


The next time you visit ReportMarkets you can log in with the details you created at Registration/Signup by selecting the link to "Login" from the top list of tabs on our website. Enter the email address and password that you provided at Registration/Signup to login to our site. Please also check for email in SPAM folder. If found please click on "Not Spam" tab to receive all future communication directly.

A. It is easy to update the details that you have provided us with. Once you have logged in to our site you can select the "View Profile" link where you can update your details if necessary.

A. If you have forgotten your password please click on the "Forgot Password?" tab on the login page, enter the Email ID given for login. You will receive a link to update your password to access Please also check for the link in SPAM folder. If found please click on Not Spam.

A. All the products on ReportMarkets are assigned to categories in order to make it easier to find products relevant to your area of interest. Our home page contains a "Categories" tab, as well as a category listing from which you can view and choose from the top-level categories to which products have been allocated. You can also down load our brochure for entire information on our services and offerings.

A. Different products on our site are available in different formats. The list of formats a product is available in can be seen on the right hand side of each product page. You can also view more details on format/license types by clicking the "Formats & Delivery" tab on each product page. Some typical format/license options offered are:

Electronic: This product will typically be emailed to you as an attachment, or downloaded from a link sent in an email after receipt of your order and payment. Electronic copy products are typically in PDF format but may also be in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Access formats. The format that a product is available in is typically specified on that product’s product page. There are various licenses available in electronic format.

  • Single User License: Allows one person, typically the buyer, to have access to the ordered product. The ordered product cannot be distributed to anyone else.
  • 1-5 User License: Allows the ordered product to be shared among a maximum of 5 people within your organisation.
  • 1-10 User License: Allows the ordered product to be shared among a maximum of 10 people within your organisation.
  • 1-15 User License: Allows the ordered product to be shared among a maximum of 15 people within your organisation.
  • Site License: Typically allows the ordered product to be shared among employees of your organisation at one location only.
  • Enterprise wide License: Allows the product to be shared among all employees of your organisation regardless of their geographical location.

Online Access: The details of your online access will be emailed to you after receipt of your order and payment.

Hard Copy: This product will be shipped to you in either hard or soft cover format after receipt of your order and payment.

CD-ROM: This product will be shipped to you in the form of a CD-ROM disc after receipt of your order and payment. testing how

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