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Mavyret approval set to change the competitive scenario in Hepatitis C treatment market

2017-08-23 07:22:30

Mavyret approval set to change the competitive scenario in Hepatitis C treatment market

In August 2017, the US FDA approved Abbvie’s drug – Mavyret for treating all six forms of Hepatitis C. With 2.7 million to 3.9 million patients, the market is currently being ruled by Gilead through a combination of sofosbuvir, velpatasvir and voxilaprevir. The treatment period of Abbvie is also less than Gilead, with the former curing the disease in eight weeks as compared to Gilead’s 12 weeks timeline.


To gain strong market share in the huge market, Abbvie plans to launch the Mavyret drug at a discount to Gilead’s Harvoni, thus leading to a price war. Comparison between prices of two drugs is – $13,200 monthly price for Mavyret as compared to $31,500 per month Harvoni.


Medicines from Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co. Inc., and Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc, which once ruled the global hepatitis C market by generating billions of dollars, are almost phased out.


Further, promising drug trials are being conducted by other players with several interventions in pipeline. Most of the trials are led by high-performance regimens comprising a new generation direct acting antivirals (DAAs). The treatment shifted towards combination regimens largely without the use of interferon/ ribavirin, driven by high tolerability.


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